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Sweet Trees and Chocolate Trees - Supplementary Terms of Your Order

You agree that when you place an order with us for a Sweet Tree or a Chocolate Tree you will be bound by the following supplementary terms in addition to our General Terms.

You shall use the products you purchase from us in accordance with the following safety of use instructions (a written copy of which will be sent with your order), and you accept that where the products are gifted by you to another person(s) you shall make them aware of these instructions and pass on to them the written copy we provide with your order:

Our sweet trees and sweet products are not toys, and therefore children must be supervised by a responsible adult at all times. Our products are not suitable for children aged 0 to 3 years.

Some of our sweet trees use cocktail sticks. These can be choking hazards if not used safely. If your sweet tree uses cocktail sticks please make sure that: 1) the sweet is safely and cleanly removed from the stick before consumption, 2) all discarded sticks are taken out of the reach of children, and 3) care is taken handling cocktail sticks so that they do not break off in the sweet or prick your skin

Cling film or acid free tissue paper is used to cover the central ball of our sweet trees. Please make sure it is disposed of safely after use as it can cause suffocation if placed over the face or mouth

Only the sweets are edible. The rest of the product itself (including the stick, pot, ball, etc) is made of products that should not be eaten. Please be careful of any sharp edges on the pot.

Once the sweets are eaten the remaining tree or product should be disposed of appropriately and safely and not used as a toy.

Please remove and dispose of carefully all packaging.

Disclaimer: A condition of the sale of our products to you is that you agree to the products your purchase from us in accordance with these safety instructions. Sugar Rush shall have no liability for usage of its products including where such usage is not in accordance with these safety instructions.

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All of our products may contain, or have traces of, allergy inducing ingredients including but not limited to peanuts, nuts, milk, wheat, gluten, eggs, soya, etc.