Beautiful chocolate bouquets and sweet trees delivered gift wrapped to your door!

Sugar Rush

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Chocolate Bouquets from just £20.95! The perfect gift. FREE Delivery!

We make our chocolate bouquets by hand in our family run studio in Sussex. Each chocolate hamper is made without damaging and of the wrappers or chocolate meaning everything stays fresh. We make our chocolate bouquets to order and they make the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, father’s day, mother’s day and all other occasions. Our chocolate selection boxes are sent to you or the lucky recipient gift wrapped in cellophane and ribbon. You can choose from a selection of box colours, and we’re always happy to send a message with your chocolate bouquet on request.

Haribo sweet tree gift Haribo giant stawberry sweet tree Caramel Chocolate Bouquet Maltesers Gift Box

Kit Kat Large Chocolate Bouquet £24.95

American Candy Chocolate Bouquet £36.95

Caramel Large Chocolate Bouquet £25.95

Maltesers Large Chocolate Bouquet £24.95

Marshmallow sweet tree Malteser heart chocolate sweet tree Retro sweets bouquet Lollipop sweet tree

Man’s Chunky XL Chocolate Bouquet £28.95

Milkybar Large Chocolate Bouquet £24.95

Retro Sweets Bouquet £21.95

Smarties Large Chocolate Bouquet £23.95

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